2018 Green Fees

2018 Green Fees9 Holes18 Holes27 Holes
Adult Weekday$28.00$40.00$55.00
Adult Weekend$36.00$48.00$65.00
Power Cart Rentals (Daily)$25.00$35.00$45.00

2018 Membership Fees

2018 MembershipsBefore April 1stThereafterNotes
Full Season$900.00$1000.00
Restricted$700.00$800.00M-F, Excl. holidays
Incl. Sundays After 3PM
9 Hole$400.00$400.00M-F, Excl. holidays
Incl. Sundays After 3PM
9 Hole Couple$750.00$750.00M-F, Excl. holidays
Incl. Sundays After 3PM
Junior 7-13$300.00$300.00
Junior 14-18$350.00$350.00
Student$550.00$550.00Conditions Apply

2018 Overnight Camping

30 Amp Power & Water & Sewer$50.00$300.00$900.00
15 Amp Power & Water$35.00$210.00$600.00

** Firewood Not Included** **WiFi Included **

2018 Seasonal Camping

 Before April 1stThereafter
30 Amp Power & Water & Sewer$2700.00$2950.00
30 Amp Power & Water$2500.00$2750.00
15 Amp Power & Water$2300.00$2550.00

**Firewood Not Included** **WiFi Included ** **Power is Metered and charged out separately at the end of the year**

2018 Additional Charges

Tracking Fee$600.00
Golf Cart Shed - GAS (includes tracking)$1000.00
Golf Cart Shed - ELECTRIC (includes tracking)$1100.00
Full Power Cart Rental$900.00
Half Power Cart Rental$450.00

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